5 Pro Tips for Diablo 3

I know you, you’re sitting at your computer thinking “Blasphemery, I cut my baby teeth on Archbishop Lazarus. I did so many Mephisto runs that the Durance of Hate is practically my second home. There’s nothing you can possibly tell me about the world of Sanctuary that I don’t already know.” Well mister, you’ve got quite an attitude. Diablo III is a much different beast than the previous titles, and there are quite a few things that even an experienced player like yourself might miss out on due to being caught up in the excitement of this decade-in-the-making title.

1) TURN ON ELECTIVE MODE AND ADVANCED TOOLTIPS. This eliminates some of the obligatory dumbing down that we have in modern video games, lets you use any skills you want in any slot, and helps in figuring out how to gear your characters. This should be the very first thing you do when you start up D3. Well, after you know, making your awesome new Hero.

2) PICK UP GOLD. For the love of Tyreal, pick up every single gold pile that drops on the ground, it’s not worthless anymore! White/grey items sell for about 1-10 gold each and do nothing but clog up your inventory, so picking up gold piles is actually the best way to acquire currency! You don’t even have to click it! Just walk over it! Stop being lazy, you need gold! Why
do you need gold you ask? Well…

To upgrade your stash 7 slots: (10k each.)
To buy another stash tab: (100k, 200k, respectively.)
To upgrade your blacksmith
To craft blacksmith items
To upgrade your jewelcrafter
To upgrade the quality of jewels
To buy vendor items
And of course to buy items off the fancy new Auction House.
(Oh and you can also sell gold on the Real Money Auction House once it’s implemented.)

3) LEARN HOW TO GEAR YOUR CHARACTER EARLY. Again, this is much much different than Diablo 2. Gone are the days where you wanted to stack as many +skill levels as possible. There AREN’T any skill levels! Your character’s prime stat is what upgrades your damage and is generally what you want to be focusing on. This means strength for Barbarians, dexterity for Demon Hunters and Monks and intelligence for Witch Doctors and Wizards. Also WEAPON DAMAGE ACTUALLY MATTERS FOR CASTERS. Thats right Witch Doctors and Wizards, many of your spells do a percentage of your weapon damage so you want to be rocking the highest DPS weapon you can- even if that means a two-handed axe. Keep in mind attack speed affects cast speed as well though.

4) BOSS FARMING FOR LOOT DOESN’T WORK. The more elites/uniques/bosses you kill in a single game increases your chances of finding better loot. This means joining a new game and right as they kill diablo will probably only net you a few blue items and thats it. Sorry Mephisto and Pindleskin, looks like your record for number of times killed by loot hungry adventurers won’t be broken anytime soon. In fact once you hit level 60 you get a buff that stacks up to 5 times that reflects this.


3 thoughts on “5 Pro Tips for Diablo 3

    1. Canker

      I agree. Having such high repair costs was a reaction that wasn’t very well thought out, in my opinion. With how farming Inferno can be, it takes a lot of the fun out of the game when your realize just how expensive each death really is. :/

      1. Blasphemery

        I think raising repair costs a tad was justifiable, however they overshot the mark by quite a lot. Its a little less painful now that they lowered normal wear-and-tear repair costs, but even dying a “reasonable” amount of times can put quite a dent in your gold stash. Not to mention an unreasonable amount of deaths..yeah, screw you soul harvesters.


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