Bashiok on PVP Balance

Bashiok chimed in on a forum post regarding who would win in a PVP situation between the Wizard and the Monk stating the following:

“If it’s balanced perfectly it’d be 50/50. :)

I don’t know, ranged does have a damage advantage just because … its ranged. A melee oriented class like the monk has to close the gap to do any damage, but luckily the monk has a few options to close the gap. The monk is going to be beefier though with more defense and vitality over the wizard, ideally that’d negate any extra damage the wizard is able to pull off before getting pommeled.

There isn’t a right answer, though. It comes down to skill selection, gear, and the players. Everything being equal it comes down to balance, and that should be equal as well if we do our jobs right, and if we don’t you can expect some hotfixes or patches to try to make it that way. ;)”

Just as my 2 cents, I’m willing to bet that we’ll be seeing quite a few more Wizards wreaking havoc in the arena than Monks, at least initially. One of the reasons I say this is because the Wizard is more of a classic design and many of the people who were adamant Sorceress players will have a slight advantage early on. The same holds true with the Barbarian, and both of these classes were very strong in the arena matches at the most recent Blizzcon. Since the Monk is a new class for Diablo 3, it may require more time to become familiar with the playstyle, abilities, and resources.

What do you think? Am I completely off-base?¬†Will Blizzard be able to keep the classes balanced anywhere close to the 50/50 mark if they don’t plan on supporting PVP on an eSport level?

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