Blizzcon 2011: Day 2 Recap

Day 2 of Blizzcon 2011 is officially over. Sadly, the only Diablo 3 panels from today were the Lore Panel and Open Q&A. Here are the highlights of the day:

  • Hirelings should be viable in all difficulties but not sure if there will be builds that allow them to be the main source of damage like in Diablo 2.
  • We’ve never seen Diablo’s true form and he can take on many different forms… male or female.
  • Hardcore mode is completely separate from Softcore, including its own gold-only AH. There may be Hardcore dueling, but corpses are not lootable at this time. Additionally, there aren’t any big loading areas in dangerous places to help prevent deaths from slow loads.
  • Fresh level 60 characters will likely fail miserably in Inferno.
  • Light Radius is still around, just not how it used to be in previous games due to the new engine.
  • Botting will be taken very seriously.
  • Non-analog controls (WASD) will not be available.
  • The new gameplay mechanics replaced things like Runewords so they will likely not be added in the future.
  • A console release is still a possibility, if they can get it to feel right and not compromise the PC version. Character control is great, but targeting can be difficult.
  • Attuned Runes may cause inventory space issues and they’re currently thinking of ways to resolve it.
  • More beta invites are coming, as is a major patch.
  • More endgame content will be added when the demand is there.
  • In regards to the Wizard’s cast rate being effected by the speed of your equipped weapon, they feel that people will choose different weapons based on their builds.
  • They do not plan on adding anymore skill slots.
  • In regards to the Real Money Auction House and PVP, there will be a hidden gear-based ranking system for matchmaking. However, there is no ladder or visible ranking system.
  • Other PVP modes, besides the arena, are being considered- including the possibility of dueling.
  • Guild/clan support will not be available at release but it is something they would like to have, if they can get it implemented correctly.
  • There is no set number of quests and there are lots of random quests to add variety.
  • They want the AI of bosses to differ in each of the difficulties but not sure on the details yet.
  • Combination attacks between players are not likely as it may encourage only specific class groupings.
  • An API for the Auction House will not be available at release but could be added later.
  • If you want to take advantage of the WoW annual pass but also want the Collector’s Edition of Diablo 3 (instead of the free normal version you get as part of the deal), you will get an undetermined amount of time credited towards your year commitment.
  • There will not be any Oceanic servers for Diablo 3, at least at launch.
  • Aside from dyes, they are also trying to allow for more individuality in appearances with at least 3 tiers and hundreds of unique items that are designed to be visually memorable.
  • Dungeons will be the same size regardless of difficulty level.
  • They think it would be cool to have different interactions for skills in PVP (having Disintegrate bounce off Impenetrable¬†Shield, etc.) but they don’t feel as though it would work out.
  • There may be some restrictions on Rune switching but they want players to have the freedom to experiment.

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