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Beta Patch 10 Is Live – Full Notes

Beta patch 10 is now live and just like my loader, I’m more than ready to start testing it out. Here is what it did:


A number of significant changes have been made to key aspects of Diablo III in this patch. To learn more about these changes and why they were made, please be sure to read the “System Changes” blog, written by Jay Wilson.

    • All characters have been wiped. Please note that this wipe will also affect gold, achievements, items, followers, and artisans.
    • The Balance for all beta participants has been reset to 50 Beta Bucks
    • Core character attributes have been reworked significantly
      • Attack, Defense, and Precision have been removed
      • Dexterity, Intellect, Strength, and Vitality have been added:
        • Dexterity
          • +Demon Hunter damage
          • +Monk damage
          • +Dodge (for all classes)
        • Intellect
          • +Witch Doctor damage
          • +Wizard damage
          • +Health from globes (for all classes)
        • Strength
          • +Barbarian damage
          • +Armor (for all classes)
        • Vitality
          • +Health (for all classes)
      • Armor will now supplement Defense, as well as provide +Physical resist
      • +Chance to Crit has been added as an item affix
      • Player Life per Vitality has been changed:
        • Players will now start out with 10 Life per Vitality at level 1
    • Nephalem Altars have been removed and players can now swap unlocked skills at any point during gameplay via the Skills list. This will impose a 30-second cooldown on the newly-activated skill, during which time the skill cannot be exchanged for another.
      • Please note that the skills system is still considered a work-in-progress and will be undergoing additional changes in future patches. This iteration of the system is not final.
    • Scrolls of Identification have been removed and players can now identify an item by right-clicking on the item’s icon
    • The Nephalem Cube has been removed and the salvage ability has been added to the Blacksmith artisan
    • The Cauldron of Jordan has been removed
    • Stone of Recall has been renamed to “Town Portal” and can now be accessed directly via the Skill bar UI
    • The fifth quick slot button has been moved next to the Town Portal ability in the Skill bar. This slot will eventually be to dedicated to potions, but can currently be used as a normal slot.
    • Skills will now display simplified tooltips by default
      • To view Advanced tooltips, press and hold the CTRL key when hovering over skill icons
  • The duration of the global chill effect granted by cold damage has be increased from 0.4 seconds to 0.6 seconds
  • Achievements have been re-enabled


    • Barbarian
      • Active Skills
        • Ground Stomp
          • Damage increased from 70% to 110%
        • Ignore Pain
          • Cooldown reduced from 60 seconds to 30 seconds
          • Duration reduced from 5 seconds to 3 seconds
        • Leap Attack
          • Damage increased from 70% to 100%
        • Revenge
          • Damage increased from 150% to 220%
      • Passive Skills
        • Nerves of Steel
          • Now increases Armor by 25% of your Vitality


    • Monk
      • Active Skills


        • Blinding Flash
          • No longer breaks on damage
          • Duration reduced from 5 seconds to 3 seconds


    • Wizard
      • Active Skills
        • Frost Nova
          • Damage reduced from 65% to 50%
        • Ice Armor
          • No longer increases your Armor
        • Wave of Force
          • Damage increased from 205% to 350%
      • Passive Skills
        • Temporal Flux
          • Slow amount increased from 24% to 30%


    • General
      • Leveling artisans in Normal difficulty now only requires gold
    • Salvaging
      • Common (white) items can no longer be salvaged and common crafting materials have been removed in all difficulty levels
      • Salvaging a Magic (blue) item will always give you a Magic material, as well as a chance to receive a Rare (yellow) or Legendary (orange) material
      • Salvaging a Rare item will always give you a Rare material and a Magic material, as well as a chance to receive a Legendary material
      • Salvaging a Legendary item will always give you a Legendary material, Rare material, and Magic material


    • General
      • Attack, Defense, and Precision random affixes have been replaced with Dexterity, Strength, and Intellect
      • The base damage on slower weapons has been increased. This is because we’re also increasing the potency of elemental damage properties, and elemental damage benefits faster weapons more than slower weapons.
      • The drop rate of Magic items between level 1 and level 20 has been lowered. Single affix-Magic items are now introduced more slowly, and double affix-Magic items won’t appear until later in the game.
    • Vendors
      • Wandering Merchants now have a 50% chance to sell a limited stock Rare item of any type
      • Amulets have been moved from the Collector to the Fence


  • Electrified monsters no longer spew lightning on death
  • Arcane Enchanted monsters no longer cast an extra arcane beam on death

Bug Fixes

  • Players should no longer be disconnected from when moving a stack of 0 items to their Skill action bar
  • Rapidly moving around items in a character’s inventory should no longer cause those items to become unresponsive
  • Items that display full durability, but are still considered slightly damaged should now be able to be posted on the Auction House
  • Monsters that are killed should now always properly play their death animation rather than remain standing

Beta Patch 8 – Full Patch Notes

Beta patch 8 is now live and here is what it changed:


  • BattleTags are now live! To learn more about BattleTags and how to set up yours today, check out the official FAQ ( Please note that in order to log into the Diablo III beta, you must create a BattleTag via Account Management.
  • Due to a change in the way we store character data, all characters have been wiped. Please note that this wipe will also affect gold, achievements, followers, and artisans.
  • Achievements have been temporarily disabled and will not be available again until a future patch. During this time, characters will be unable to earn new achievements or complete any additional objectives of achievements in progress.
  • Players will now see recommended items for their active character when accessing the auction house Search tab.


    • Barbarian
      • Active Skills
        • Cleave
          • Ability will now deal 115% weapon damage to all targets caught in its swing, rather than 120% weapon damage to the primary target and 90% weapon damage to secondary targets
        • Revenge
          • Radius increased from 8 yards to 11 yards
    • Demon Hunter
      • Active Skills
        • Bola Shot
          • Hatred generation increased from 2 to 3
          • Damage reduced from 105% to 100%
        • Elemental Arrow
          • Hatred cost increase from 5 to 10
          • Damage increased from 125% to 145%
        • Fan of Knives
          • Speed reduced from 200% weapon speed to 140% weapon speed
        • Grenades
          • Hatred generation increased from 2 to 3
        • Hungering Arrow
          • Hatred generation increased from 2 to 3
          • Damage reduced from 90% to 85%
        • Rapid Fire
          • Initial Hatred cost reduced from 30 to 20
    • Monk
      • General
        • A new skill has been added: Cyclone Strike
          • Available at level 7
          • Costs 75 Spirit
          • Pulls all enemies within 24 yards towards you, followed by a furious blast of energy that deals 275% weapon damage as Holy
      • Active Skills
        • Breath of Heaven
          • Spirit cost increased from 25 to 50
          • Healing amount increased by 200%
        • Crippling Wave
          • Base effect duration increased from 4.5 seconds to 5 seconds
        • Lethal Decoy
          • This skill has been removed
        • Mantras
          • Mantra of Conviction, Mantra of Evasion, Mantra of Healing, and Mantra of Retribution
            • Cooldown removed
            • Now costs 25 Spirit
            • Duration increased from 1 minute to 3 minutes
    • Wizard
      • General
        • Signature spells no longer cost Arcane Power, regardless of level
          • These spells include: Magic Missile, Electrocute, Shock Pulse, and Spectral Blade
        • The order in which skills are awarded from levels 1 to 13 has been slightly adjusted:
          • Arcane Orb is now available at level 3
          • Disintegrate is now available at level 8
          • Electrocute is now available at level 13
          • Shock Pulse is now available at level 5
          • Spectral Blade is now available at level 6
      • Active Skills
        • Diamond Skin
          • Cooldown reduced from 25 seconds to 15 seconds
          • Duration reduced from 5 seconds to 3 seconds



  • The introduction of magical items into the game has been slowed


    • General
      • Baby Quill demon health increased from 1% to 25% of normal Quill Beast health (they grow up so fast)
    • Affixes
      • Arcane Enchanted will now appear at level 7, up from level 1
      • Mortar will now appear at a level higher than current beta content
      • Plagued poison cloud duration reduced from 12 seconds to 9 seconds

Quests and Events

    • All quests and events have had their item and recipe rewards removed and will now only award gold and experience on completion
      • This does not affect treasure received from event objects for events like the “Jar of Souls””and only applies to rewards obtained through the quest UI
  • Gold rewards from quests have received a tuning pass

User Interface

  • The Options UI has undergone several improvements, but remains a work-in-progress. Please report any issues in the Beta Bug Report forum.
  • The Friends List has been redesigned to be smaller and more accessible while in other menus and screens
  • The Banner Customization menu has been reworked to improve navigation and usability


  • Fire gate damage has been reduced

Beta Patch 7: RMAH Testing and Character Wipe

Beta patch 7 has now gone live and we can now begin using the RMAH with the Beta Bucks provided to us by Blizzard! Unfortunately, another character wipe was necessary for this phase of testing.

Aside from the switch from the Gold-based auction house to one based on this new virtual currency, the patch was also used to fix a few minor bugs:


  • A trial version of the Diablo III Currency-Based Auction House is now available for testing. To learn more about how this feature will work in the beta, please review the FAQ:
  • In order to fully test the Currency-Based Auction House and its features, all characters have been wiped. Please note that this wipe will also affect gold, achievements, followers, and artisans.

Bug Fixes

  • The Blacksmith will now properly unlock for all players after completing the quest “A Shattered Crown: Talk to Haedrig Eamon”
  • Fixed an issue with viewing Achievements while in a Public Game
  • Fixed an issue where players in a Solo Game were being kicked by a “party leader”

A Look at Beta Patch 6

In a word, beta patch 6 is rewarding. I think it’s pretty safe to say that just about everyone in the beta enjoyed playing through the snippet of Act 1 available to us but with such a small amount of content to test, it grew stagnant fairly quick. This build revitalized the beta and for the first time in weeks I saw 200+ games of Skeleton King farming simultaneously.

The overall difficulty of the game increased and the addition of achievements makes normal gameplay that much more enjoyable. You just can’t help but feel like a badass as you toy with the Skeleton King while he whirlwinds his own creations to death. The game also feels even more release-ready with clearly identifiable quest rewards and helpful tooltips for new players.

The achievement UI is also very well done and clearly states what needs to be accomplished for credit.







Banners are now functioning as visible representations of your efforts, requiring you to unlock the customization options through the achievements.

We now also have hero profiles and the ability to inspect other players as well.

Not to mention, the skill icon has made its return!

There are a few bugs with the patch, but is easily the best update yet and has quite a bit to discuss (more in-depth looks to come). As we continue creeping closer to the release of the game, it is becoming undeniably more awesome.

Beta Patch 6 Slightly Delayed and Characters Wiped Again

It appears as though we’re going to have to wait a bit longer to access the beta as after it was stated that they were going to be wiping all characters again (for achievement testing), they hit a snag:

“We’ve run into a fairly significant issue with the patch that was intended to update beta clients so they can connect to the now updated service. We’re currently unable to estimate when the patch will become available, but are expecting that the beta will not return to service this evening. We apologize for any inconvenience or interruption in your scheduled play and appreciate your understanding.”