Latest Blue Response on PVP

The latest blue post regarding PVP comes from Zarhym who said:

“We want PvP to be incredibly challenging and fun, but we want to avoid turning it into a truly competitive leagues/ladders eSport. We just don’t think Diablo gameplay is very conducive for that type of controlled environment where balance is paramount.

That said, we want to develop PvP as an engaging and rewarding system. What we don’t want to do is take a traditional eSports approach to PvP, where balance will become so important to a competitive ranking system that solo and cooperative gameplay feel a bit neutered as a result. 

We want your characters to feel totally imba. Then we want you to enter some Arenas, send the scorched remains of other players’ corpses flying, and let the satisfaction wash over you — until your opponents take similar care of your hero, that is. ;)”

This response is very clear about their intent to keep Diablo 3 out of the eSports arenas, however, we are still waiting for MLG to announce what their potential partnership is regarding (we should find out sometime around E3 in June or before). Zarhym also stated that D3 PVP is going to be very similar to Diablo 2 in the balance category- so make sure to keep checking back here to see which builds will cause you to ‘gibber’ rather than the ‘gibbee’ once the PVP patch is released.

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