The Real Money Auction House: Opportunity Knocks

As the beta rolls on, improvements to the game continue to be made. One such aspect that got a little bit of love in beta patch 6 is the Auction House. I posted my initial thoughts on the RMAH a couple months ago but now that we have more information, I’d like to delve a bit deeper.

First, I would like to say that I’m an avid supporter of the RMAH. As I mentioned in my previous post about the auction house, the worst things about Diablo 2 were mainly caused by the third party item selling companies. Having a controlled environment to buy and sell will help prevent many of those issues from reoccurring. However, other factors that play into my thoughts on the subject: I made a bit of money from Diablo 2 and used to work for Blizzard.

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A Look at Beta Patch 6

In a word, beta patch 6 is rewarding. I think it’s pretty safe to say that just about everyone in the beta enjoyed playing through the snippet of Act 1 available to us but with such a small amount of content to test, it grew stagnant fairly quick. This build revitalized the beta and for the first time in weeks I saw 200+ games of Skeleton King farming simultaneously.

The overall difficulty of the game increased and the addition of achievements makes normal gameplay that much more enjoyable. You just can’t help but feel like a badass as you toy with the Skeleton King while he whirlwinds his own creations to death. The game also feels even more release-ready with clearly identifiable quest rewards and helpful tooltips for new players.

The achievement UI is also very well done and clearly states what needs to be accomplished for credit.







Banners are now functioning as visible representations of your efforts, requiring you to unlock the customization options through the achievements.

We now also have hero profiles and the ability to inspect other players as well.

Not to mention, the skill icon has made its return!

There are a few bugs with the patch, but is easily the best update yet and has quite a bit to discuss (more in-depth looks to come). As we continue creeping closer to the release of the game, it is becoming undeniably more awesome.