World Premiere: Diablo 3 Opening Cinematic

Tonight, Spike TV will be hosting their 2011 Video Game Awards. As recipients of the second ever “Gamer God Award”, Mike Morhaime, Allen Adham, and Frank Pearce decided that the show would be an ideal place to premiere the opening cinematic for Diablo 3. You can watch the cinematic (and the rest of the awards) via the following venues:

“VGAs” Air LIVE on Spike TV and MTV2 and will also be streaming on

It will be playing today, Saturday, December 10 At 8:00 PM ET / 5:00 PM PT

If you want to be among the first to see the cinematic, be sure to tune in! We’ll post it to the site and our YouTube page after it is live.

Weapon Speed and Channeled Skills

Recently we were given some new information about weapon speed and channeled skills. This may not have surprised you after what Wyatt Cheng stated after Blizzcon, but the clarification is nice. Here is what Bashiok had to say:

The tick rate of channeled skills is currently scaled by your weapon speed. This has the side effect of making the resource cost go up, which we’re okay with. It’s consistent with the philosophy that faster speed weapons consume more resource but may do more damage. Channeled skills might still be better with slower weapons though because on a channeled skill, you have as much mobility as you want, so the “mobility” and “overkill” advantages of faster weapons are eroded with channeled abilities, so all you’re left with is increased mana cost for increased damage.

We’ve been thinking of changing the tooltips and going with “ continuously does X% weapon damage”. The reservations we currently have are:

  • Even though we say continuously, there’s a pulse rate under the hood, so do players want to know this pulse rate?
  • If we did show a pulse rate, we’re adding more complexity to an already complicated tooltip.

However, the benefit of being able to directly compare 135% weapon damage on Disintegrate to X% weapon damage on another skill is super high, so we love that.

Stepping back and going big picture, we’re currently working on greatly simplifying tooltips. It’s too early to give details at this point, but our general feeling is that we provide way too much information in the skill tooltips in general.


With the added damage of off-hand items, finding a two-handed weapon worth using over them paired with a one-hand weapon is nigh impossible in the beta- and likely to be the same at release. But as Bashiok points out, the main difference is mobility and resource cost as faster weapons will put out more damage.

Rank 7

Rune System Changes

A few days ago, Bashiok stated the following:

We actually have moved on from the previously discussed unattuned system. We’ve been trying many different ideas out, but we’re not quite comfortable enough with any of them yet to invite you in and see what you think.

Let me also say that the old system wasn’t broken, per-se, it just had a few issues we thought we could resolve. Runestones are a huge part of Diablo III, and we think it’s worth trying out some alternatives and see if we can’t improve it. But if all of our experiments fail we can easily go back to the original system, and it will still be totally awesome.     (Source)

Now, whether that means we may see the rune system in the beta is yet to be determined. This may only mean that we’ll get a preview of whatever rune system they like the most via the community site like we did with so many other systems. Lets collectively hope for more beta content.

Beta Patch 7: RMAH Testing and Character Wipe

Beta patch 7 has now gone live and we can now begin using the RMAH with the Beta Bucks provided to us by Blizzard! Unfortunately, another character wipe was necessary for this phase of testing.

Aside from the switch from the Gold-based auction house to one based on this new virtual currency, the patch was also used to fix a few minor bugs:


  • A trial version of the Diablo III Currency-Based Auction House is now available for testing. To learn more about how this feature will work in the beta, please review the FAQ:
  • In order to fully test the Currency-Based Auction House and its features, all characters have been wiped. Please note that this wipe will also affect gold, achievements, followers, and artisans.

Bug Fixes

  • The Blacksmith will now properly unlock for all players after completing the quest “A Shattered Crown: Talk to Haedrig Eamon”
  • Fixed an issue with viewing Achievements while in a Public Game
  • Fixed an issue where players in a Solo Game were being kicked by a “party leader”