Release Date Announcement Not So Soon

And just like that, our hope begins to fade. :(

With the newest tweets coming from Jay Wilson, the possible release date of April 17th does not seem even remotely likely anymore.

Jay tweeted “Looking forward to #ME3. Unfortunately I’m off to GDC tomorrow. No, not to announce anything, and not sign of release.”

He also said “Doubled monster damage from levels 1-13 (trailing off to level 20). Feels pretty good! Hopefully we can keep it.” and then followed it up with “I believe it will be in the next Beta patch, but please don’t ask me when it’s getting released, I don’t know. :)”

While Blizzard has been stating that they feel the game is almost release worthy, Jay’s mention of another beta patch is a good indication that the release date will be closer to the end of the second quarter rather than the beginning due to continued fine tuning.

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