Surprising Class Selection Poll

The official Diablo 3 facebook page is currently taking a survey asking “Which class will you play first when Diablo III is released?” and the results thus far are quite surprising.

Release Character

With almost 31,000 votes cast in the first 4 hours, the current leader is the Demon Hunter with 25% of the votes. Just behind the DH is the Barbarian with about 25% as well. In third place sits the Wizard with 19%, followed by the Monk at 16% and the Witch Doctor at 15%.

Aside from the Demon Hunter, the other numbers were about what I expected. Seeing what appeared to be the most neglected class (mostly due to lacking super awesome abilities in the beta and having the lowest damage output in the Blizzcon build) leading the pack is quite interesting. However, it is also interesting that the biggest gap between classes is only a 10% difference. While there will always be ‘flavor of the month’ classes, it looks as though there will be quite a bit of diversity at release.

Although the Demon Hunter doesn’t need my support, I too plan on riding the hatred train at release.

2 thoughts on “Surprising Class Selection Poll

    1. Canker Post author

      @Darth Solo – Yeah, that or maybe they’re all Kate Beckinsale fanboys like Jay Wilson, rofl. I loved the Amazon in D2 and so far have been liking the DH. Although, the Barbarian and Wizard are right up there for me as well.


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