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Attributes: Your Chance At Success

The only thing that could rival the infamous chat gem for being clicked the most was this: the “New Stats” and “New Skill” button.

This image was probably one of the most exciting icons in Diablo 2. Although, it could also be a nerve wracking sight that resulted in many a panic attack as well. If fact, I believe that is the reasoning behind Blizzard making it red with a white cross- because you may need medical attention when this button appears on the screen. This icon meant you had a new allocation of stat and/or skill points to distribute. However, many of us played through the majority of the game without spending all of those points- intentionally. But why would anyone want to play gimped characters? Well, if you were planning to min/max your character, even a single mis-allocated point might result in that character being deleted and having to start all over again. So, as you can see, it was a pretty big deal.

This was a bigger issue for skill points than it was for stats but it was still very important, especially for PVP characters. When creating a character in Diablo 2, you had to sit down and plan everything ahead of time. You had to decide what few spells you planned on focusing your points into and what gear best served your needs. Once you had that figured out, then you could start spending your stat points. For PVP characters, the rule was pretty much always the same. Only put enough points into Strength and Dexterity to use your ideal gear, pretend Energy doesn’t exist and put everything else into Vitality. So, even though we had near-endless possibilities for customization, it always fell back to almost exactly the same allocation.

This is one of the reasons that Blizzard changed how stats are accumulated in Diablo 3. Now, every time you gain a level your base stats are increased automatically. You will still have the ability to customize your attributes, but only through your skill and item selection instead. Additionally, the new character window has had several improvements, making your stats much more transparent.

Here is a look at what is currently available in the beta (build:


Attack: Increases the damage of all attacks and skills by 1% per point. In Diablo 2, attack controlled how much damage you dealt with your equipped weapons. This meant that higher attack only meant your Sorceress could hit monsters with her staff a bit harder, but if you wanted your spells to become more powerful you had to pump skill points into that spell or ones that it receives bonuses from. This is not the case in Diablo 3 as the Attack stat increases the damage of literally all attacks and skills.

Precision: Increases critical hit chance by x%. Amounts change based on character level. All classes start with a base 50% bonus to critical damage. Additional critical damage bonuses from items and skills will be reflected here.

Defense: Reduces all damage from enemies of your level by x%. Amounts change based on character level.

Vitality: Each point of vitality increases your Life. From levels 1 to 13, each point raises your Life by 4.

Armor: Reduces Physical Damage from enemies of your level by x%. Amounts change based on character level.

Resists: Reduces damage of that type from enemies of your level by x%. Based on character level and separated into the following schools. However, it should be noted that Arcane Resistance is not only Arcane Damage but also Holy Damage as well.
• Cold Resistance
• Fire Resistance
• Lightning Resistance
• Poison Resistance
• Arcane Resistance (combined with Holy Resistance)

Damage Per Second: The displayed damage per second is calculated with your currently equipped weapons using your class’ Basic Attack against an unarmored target. This amount includes damage bonuses from your Attack, Critical Hit Chance, Critical Hit Damage Bonus, Traits and any active effects. It does not take into account damage increases from your skills and runes.


Damage Increase – Can be increased by skills, items, and Attack.
Attacks Per Second – Based on weapon speed. Can be increased by skills and items.
Casting Speed – Can be increased by skills and items.
Critical Hit Chance – Critical hits deal x% bonus damage. Critical hit chance can be increased by skills and items. It is not specified here but Precision also increases your critical hit chance.
Critical Hit Damage – Crit Damage +x%. 50% base plus any additional bonuses from skills and items.

Block Amount – The amount of damage prevented whenever an attack is blocked. Block Amount can be increased by items and skills. The base amount is specified on the shield.
Block Chance – The chance to block incoming attacks. Blocked attacks have their damage reduced by xy. Block Chance can be increased by skills and items. The base amount is specified on the shield.
Dodge Chance – The chance to dodge incoming attacks. Dodged attacks do no damage. Dodge Chance can be increased by skills and items.
Damage Reduction – Damage Reduction decreases all incoming damage, not just physical damage like Armor. It can be increased by skills, items, and Defense.

Maximum Life – If you lose all your Life you die. Life can be increased by skills, items, and Vitality.
Life Per Second – The amount of Life you recover each second.
Life Steal – x% of damage you cause will be recovered as Life. Life Steal can be increased by skills and items.
Life Per Kill – You will recover x Life for every enemy you kill. Life Per Kill can be increased by skills and items.
Life Per Hit – You will recover x Life for every enemy you hit. Life Per Hit can be increased by skills and items.

This stat varies from class to class, listing the current (modified) maximum resource amount and the regeneration rate if applicable. The base amounts are as follows.
• Maximum Fury = 100
Demon Hunter: (though changes are currently in the works)
• Maximum Hatred = 100
• Hatred Regeneration = 600 Per Minute
• Maximum Discipline = 30
• Discipline Regeneration = 60 Per Minute
• Maximum Spirit = 200
Witch Doctor:
• Maximum Mana = 200 + 30 for each level gained (i.e. you have 230 base Mana at level 2, 260 at level 3, etc.)
• Mana Regeneration = 1800 Per Minute
• Maximum Arcane Power = 100
• Arcane Power Regeneration = 750 Per Minute

Movement Speed – Movement Speed: +x%. You no longer have to take Faster Run/Walk percentages and convert them into Yards Per Second. Thank god.
Gold Find – Gold Find: +x%. While this may not be a widely desired stat, the new AH will definitely make any bonuses to this stat welcomed.
Magic Find – Magic Find: +x%. Because it wouldn’t be Diablo without it.
Of all these changes, I am most excited about being able to be emotionally attached to my character. What do you think of the stat changes? Post your thoughts and opinions in theĀ comments.