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Welcome to D3 Onslaught!

Diablo 3 loading screen
Howdy, gamers!

As the first official post, I wanted to take some time to give an introduction to the site and discuss the goals we hope to accomplish.

First off, D3 Onslaught is a PVP focused site. From time to time we may cover other Diablo 3-related content, however, when there is PVP information to report it will be our priority.

We will also be working on building the site into an important resource on all things PVP. This will be accomplished in part by us via featuring videos, talent builds, gearing, team compositions, counters, and strategies in all brackets; but more so by supporting the community with forums, news updates, and balance changes.

It is likely that the site will be undergoing frequent changes as we determine what works best and would love any feedback or suggestions you wish to provide.