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Monk PVP Build: 1 – Mantra Twisting

For the first Monk PVP build, I wanted to showcase how much support this class can add to your arena composition. I call this build “Mantra Twisting” as much of the gameplay will be focused on timing the use of and swapping mantras depending on the situation of the match.

Here is the build.

Active Slot 1:

Skill: Crippling Wave
Runestone: Breaking Wave (Alabaster)
Explanation: This is your Spirit-generator for this build but it also serves as a debuffing ability, snaring your target while increasing the damage they take from you and your team. This is a great skill for adding pressure or switching targets for a kill.

Active Slot 2:

Skill: Lashing Tail Kick
Runestone: Scorpion Sting (Alabaster)
Explanation: This should be used as your main Spirit spending ability when you don’t need to worry about mobility. The stun from the alabaster runestone allows this skill to be useful both offensively and defensively.

Active Slot 3:

Skill: Dashing Strike
Runestone: Way of the Falling Star (Indigo)
Explanation: This is your mobility skill and will be used to keep your Crippling Wave debuffs or Lashing Tail Kick stuns on your targets. Pairing this ability with the indigo runestone not only lets you stay on top of your target should they use a gap-creating skill (Teleport, Leap Attack, etc), but it can also be used to quickly escape around a pillar if you get focused.

Active Slot 4:

Skill: Mantra of Evasion
Runestone: Divine Protection (Alabaster)
Explanation: This is your main defensive mantra. You will likely want to keep this mantra active if you aren’t able to keep up the damage from the other team or if one of your teammates starts getting low on health.

Active Slot 5:

Skill: Mantra of Healing
Runestone: Boon of Protection (Obsidian)
Explanation: This mantra is the one you will ‘twist’ the most, as you will likely be using it on cooldown- provided the shield is allowable every 30 seconds.

Active Slot 6:

Skill: Mantra of Conviction
Runestone: Overawe (Crimson)
Explanation: This is your offensive mantra. With the crimson runestone and your Crippling Wave debuff, your abilities alone will cause your target to be taking 135% additional damage from all sources. Use this mantra when you’re ahead to keep the pressure on your opponents or switch to it when going for a kill.
Passive Skills:

First Slot: Fleet Footed – Increase base movement speed by 10%.”
Explanation: As this passive can be used both offensively and defensively, it is a great choice for ensuring you can stay within melee range of your opponents as well as being in range of your teammates for the mantras.

Second Slot: Pacifism – “While stunned, feared or charmed, all damage taken is reduced by 75%.”
Explanation: Since this build uses half your active skill slots on mantras, the extra survivability will help you avoid needing to use your mantra twisting on yourself.

Third Slot: Near Death Experience – “When receiving fatal damage, you are instead restored to 35% of maximum Life and 35% Spirit.”
Explanation: When all else fails, this gives you a second chance. An amazing PVP choice for any build- including this one.
*Disclaimer: Keep in mind this build is based on beta skills that are subject to change and until we step foot in the arena this is all merely theorycrafting. As always, give us your builds and let us know your thoughts in the comments!