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Bracketed Arena PVP in Diablo 3?

While we wait to hear definitive answers on what Diablo 3 arena PVP will be like, our imaginations are free to run rampant and conceptualize the possibilities. One such thought that occurred to me was whether or not D3 will support or allow for bracketed PVP.

With so many different motives for what drives people to participate in player vs. player combat, having more options is never a bad thing. Or is it? As with everything, there are pros and cons.

Some of the upsides to bracketed PVP are:

• Simplified gameplay. The highest tier of competitive PVP isn’t for everyone. Having lower-level brackets allows for simplified gameplay with fewer available spells and items and provides more options for the playerbase.

• Gradual learning. You have the opportunity to learn the classes gradually, becoming more comfortable with or mastering your current skills before adding more to the mix.

• Less time intensive. Acquiring your ideal gear and leveling up the character to a particular bracket can be done much quicker than getting to max level and farming endgame bosses.

• PVP Variety. Each bracket has a different set of available skills and class balance. Your favorite class may be underpowered in one bracket (and you love a challenge) or completely OP in another (and you love to faceroll).

On the other hand, the biggest downside to bracketed PVP is that each bracket acts as its own entity and would need to be balanced individually. This would make much more work for the already busy developers should they try to tackle it. Additionally, with how focused they are on PVE content, any attention taken away from what we hope to become a competitive eSport is just another distraction.

Some people may argue that twinks ruin bracketed PVP but that tends to only be an issue when people try to level up from PVP, which Diablo 3 does not seem to support at all. On that token, doing arena games at the lower level range or in less-than-ideal gear is the same as jumping into max level PVP as a fresh level 60 in your shitty leveling gear when everyone else has been farming Inferno. You’re going to get gibbed either way.

Even though there are quite a few more reasons to support bracketed PVP, should the severity of the few downsides negate the possibilities altogether? What do you think? Let us know in the comments.